Have you been thinking about where you are going to buy your Thanksgiving turkey from this year?

Here are three great reasons to support your local farmer and buy your Thanksgiving turkey close to home! You can reserve one for delivery between now and November 21st!


1. Yes – It Really Is Healthier

When a turkey is raised in a humane environment with outdoor time the bird has a longer opportunity to eat more nutritiously (the way nature intended). The turkeys will peck all day and have additional feed not contaminated with antibiotics or pesticides. All our turkeys come from Loag’s Corner Turkey Farm located in Elverson, PA. Loag’s raises each turkey from a day old so know everything given to the bird throughout its’ lifetime. They are raised with the All Natural Program and are antibiotic-free with no added preservatives!

2. You’ll Be Supporting Your Local Economy

As always, buying food from local producers keeps money flowing in your own community. You will be helping your local farmer instead of a big box store, making sure that there is no waste or over production! Loag’s Corner Turkey Farm will thank you!

3. It Really Does Taste Better

It’s true that a farm fresh turkey raised WITHOUT antibiotics or hormones tastes truly delicious and yes better than a turkey you don’t know anything about. Knowing that you not only helped a local farmer, put money back in to your community, and are eating a healthy humanely raised turkey will make your Thanksgiving better than any other! A turkey that is not injected with preservatives, extra salt or other unknown ingredients really will taste better! Try one for yourself and reserve yours today!

When you buy locally you know what get and you get what you pay for, and in this case, it’s a fresh turkey.

Loag’s Corner Turkey Farm acquires their turkeys when they’re one day old and raises them on the All Natural program….antibiotic-free and no added preservatives. Processed on site and delivered fresh to your door, just in time for the holidays!

Delivered FRESH in varying sizes, from 10 lbs to 34 lb.

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