By joining together with neighbors to eat locally you are helping the entire planet survive. There are many reasons eating locally helps everyone but three and biggest benefits of eating locally include:


Less Packaging

Eating locally requires less packaging

At Locavore At Your Door, we specifically use reusable packaging to help avoid unnecessary waste. We package items for delivery in reusable coolers or milk crates. We transfer the cold items to each customers’ own reusable cooler by hand to ensure proper handling and storing techniques. We also work with dairy farms like Penn View Farm, in Perkasie, that supply dairy products in glass bottles. These glass bottles are then cleaned and reused. By drinking milk in glass bottles you are helping cut down on unnecessary waste by preventing the use of thousands of plastic milk containers a year. The best part of drinking milk in glass is that it tastes better! Try for yourself!


Less Distance

Eating locally requires less distance for food to travel

By having the food that you eat travel less miles from producer to consumer you are cutting down on pollution and transportation costs. This helps you enjoy food at the peak of freshness. It also helps reduce transportation costs and supplies. This helps reduce climate change by reducing the amount of pollutants being put into the environment. Don’t delay and eat local today!


Less Money:

Eating Local costs less money

By eating local you buy fresh items right from the producer or as close as possible to the producer. This helps spend less money on transportation costs, packaging for preservation over travel time and stations for refrigeration and other needs. You are also supporting local small business owners instead of providing the big box chains with money to close down mom and pop businesses. Help out a small business and eat local!

Be bigger than just yourself. Help make a change; eat locally and think globally.

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