Welcome to Locavore At Your Door!

We deliver locally sourced food at the peak of its ripeness, fresh from community greenhouses, farms and producers.

3 Things You Should Know:

1. We Are Locavores. 

We only sell, buy and eat items from within 100 miles from home (Telford, PA). Lo·ca·vore: a person who makes an effort to eat food that is grown, raised or produced locally, usually within 100 miles from home.

2. We Vet Every Vendor.

We personally visit every farm and vendor we work with and try every item we sell. Every item for every order is hand-picked by us.

3. We Guarantee Every Item.

If you are unhappy with any item, we will fix it…no questions asked. We love food…We love to buy it, we love to cook it, and we love to eat it. We won’t deliver anything that we wouldn’t want to use in our own kitchens.

Ready to Give us a Try?


Place your order by Monday at 11am and we will deliver on Thursday. Please leave a cooler out in which we will place your ordered goods.