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Our hens are pastured and “free range” which meaning they are free to roam within the confines of an electrical mesh netting. This netting protects them from predators, while allowing them the freedom to eat what chickens were designed to eat.

We rotate the area in which they are confined so they are able to access fresh grass, insects, fly larva, parasites, and other critters they may find. We also supplement their diet with Certified Organic feed raised and milled by a farmer in Oley, Pa. Our egg layer hens are a cross between a Rhode Island Red and a White Plymouth Rock, two standard breeds that are good egg layers as well as docile and hardy, which makes them ideal for smaller operations such as ours.

We purchase day-old chicks from a local hatchery so we are able to control the conditions in which they are raised and also the feed that they consume. By taking the time to raise healthy chicks, providing plenty of room to roam and forage, feeding good quality feed and fresh water, we are able to produce eggs that are healthy for the consumer as well as for the environment and our farm on which we live.


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