Merrymead Farm – Half & Half


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Why Merrymead?

  • Our milk is HBST and hormone free
  • Our cows are pastured seasonally in Spring, Summer, and Fall and they are feed a balanced diet of Hay, Grass, Corn, and Soybeans.
  • They are housed in a free stall barn where they are free to roam. Taste the difference! We have been awarded the State DHIA quality milk award every year since 2001. We have also received the platinum dairy quality award based on milk measures, protocols, and safeguards. The Platinum Award is distributed by the National Mastitis Council, a leading organization on milk quality in the United States.
  • Our milk is produced from our own herd, processed, and packaged on site.
  • Within a 24-hr period, our milk runs through a process of pasteurization and then packaged to be sold in our dairy store.

Delivered in plastic one-quart containers


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