Ray’s Greenhouse – Husk (Ground) Cherries


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What exactly are husk cherries?

Husk cherries, also commonly referred to as ground cherries or husk tomatoes, are small pale orange fruits wrapped in a crinkly, paper-like husk. They look a little bit like small tomatillos. Their flavor is mild, yet quite sweet and very unique. I’ve heard them compared to a cross between a tomato and a pineapple. They’re also quite similar to the cape gooseberry.

Not something you’ll find in your local grocery stores, that’s for sure!  But what can you do with these little gems, you ask?  Aside from the Ground Cherry Pies your grandma used to make, or just popping them into your mouth as a tasty snack, you can also make husk cherry preserves, up your salsa game, toss them in a salad, or prepare them as you would grapes or cranberries as a slightly sweet addition to a savory meat platter.

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