Locavore At Your Door is proud to support our fellow local business pals in the areas surrounding Telford, PA. Learn more about some of our suppliers here, like their pages, then check out all their goods in our shop!


Spirited Stone Holistics

Location: Quakertown, PA

A business built on the excitement of herbs and the powerful ways to use them. We specialize in Herbal Loose Leaf Teas, Remedies, and Body Care Products that use the incredible benefits of medicinal plants.

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Merrymead Farm

Location: Lansdale, PA

Merrymead Farm is a family owned and operated working dairy farm and farm market. We specialize in producing & processing milk on-site with the freshest milk from our own holsteins. Merrymead is one of Pennsylvania’s Century Farms and has been in the same family for over 100 years.

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Penn View Farm

Location: Perkasie, PA

Fresh milk in glass bottles, local eggs, ice cream, seasonal produce. Family owned and operated by Paul and John Hockman.

Blue Moon Acres Products

Blue Moon Acres

Location: Pennington, NJ

The owners of Blue Moon Acres are successfully continuing their pursuit of a healthier, more sustainable form of agriculture. They are located on a 63-acre Certified Organic farm on agriculturally-preserved land in Pennington, New Jersey.

Bakery Shop

Bread Box & Bakery

Location: Perkasie, PA

Proud of their locally-sourced, stone ground flour and lack of GMOs in their product, the Bread Box & Bakery boasts a flavorful variety of breads and other treats.

Local Butcher

Breakaway Farms & Butcher

Location: Mt. Joy, PA

Breakaway Farms is a family run farm that is proud to call themselves “Beyond Organic”. Their retail packages include beef & pork and many people rave about their delicious bacon and sausage.

freshly milled grain

Castle Valley Mill

Location: Doylestown, PA

This iconic mill, which began grinding Bucks County grains in 1730, is located in nearby historic Bucks County. Surviving the Industrial Revolution, but in disrepair, Henry Fischer purchased the property in 1947 and began restoration, helping bring it to it’s current state of beauty today. You will be sure to enjoy their freshly milled, no preservatives approach!

Sustainable Poultry

Griggstown Farm

Location: Princeton, NJ

Located in Somerset County, New Jersey, Griggstown Farm is dedicated to growing sustainable products. They pride themselves on growing and processing all of their products naturally. With 65 acres and a 4,500 sq ft. USDA kitchen, they are able to create poultry, pies and produce that everyone can feel confident consuming.


Organic Poultry

Graziano Products

Location: Doylestown, PA

The Graziano Family are immigrants from a small town in southern Italy who brought their flavorful old-world family recipes with them to our locale in Pennsylvania. They have prioritized keeping the classic integrity in their family recipes. See for yourself why they have centered their family gatherings around their home-cooked meals.

Gluten Free Bagels

The Greater Knead

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Michelle Carfagno started with a passion for baking and family with food allergies; she set out on a mission to recreate her family’s favorite food, a bagel. In 2012, The Greater Knead was founded with the idea that food should be created to serve the greater need of the consumers. Today, The Greater Knead is a wholesale food manufacturer specializing in gluten-free and top allergen-free (no wheat, dairy, egg, soy, peanuts or tree-nuts) known for our bagels, bagel chips and more. We believe you have a say about what goes into your food. By creating FREE-FROM food together we are inspiring and empowering change. EAT CONFIDENTLY.

Buy Homestead Coffee

Homestead Coffee Roasters

Location: Upper Black Eddy, PA

Homestead Coffee Roasters is located right on the PA tow path in Upper Black Eddy. Their belief is that “everyone deserves to enjoy delicious coffee”. They are proud of their high standards and community-centric values.

unique nut butters

Nutty Novelties

Location: Telford, PA

Dedicating their time to creating unique and delightful nut butters, Nutty Novelties will quickly become your new go-to for a variety of nut spreads! From your old favorite, peanut butter, to an all-new pistachio butter – you can count on Nutty Novelties to bring you a quality, delicious product.

bakery delivery

Small Batch Kitchen

Location: Harleysville, PA

They are committed to flavorful preserves made with only the best local ingredients, sourced from within 75 miles of our kitchen. Their spread are made 100% by hand focused on a 100% quality product. They use only ingredients which are not only all natural (meaning no artificial ingredients or preservatives) but that are also sustainably grown, non-GMO or organic. They are proud members of the PASA and Good Food Merchants Guild.

Speakeasy coffee

Speakeasy Coffee Company

Location: Pennsburg, PA

Speakeasy Coffee prides themselves on roasting in small batches, allowing them to have maximum control over the process. This is why their coffee is always delivered to the customer as fresh as possible. They believe that coffee brings people together and strive to continue to do so with the utmost integrity and quality.

Fresh farm products

Stryker Farm

Location: Saylorsburg, PA

Best known for their pig roasts, Stryker Farm is proud to say their livestock is raised on open land, not in confinement. You can rest assured their products are GMO, antibiotic and hormone free.

Fresh pasta


Location: Folcroft, PA

Talluto’s is a family owned and operated business committed to creating quality products since 1967. They have been pursuing greatness since the beginning of the company creation and haven’t stopped since. You can be sure you’ll find unmatched quality in each and every product created by Talluto’s.

dairy Products online

Trickling Springs Creamery

Location: Chambersburg, PA

Trickling Springs Creamery was founded in 2001 by two friends who aimed to produce fresh, exceptional-tasting dairy products while promoting local farmers doing an excellent job with their farms. The founders started by establishing strict guidelines for the family farms producing their milk. The farmers were required to maintain grass-fed, heritage breed cows, produce very clean milk (as measured by SCC & SPC counts), and use no synthetic hormones. The founders offered to pay farmers above average prices for maintaining these high standards. Trickling Springs Creamery would then process the milk as minimally as allowed by law. These principles are still followed and in many cases have been strengthened to more strict standards of feeding and sustainability.

Buy Fresh Local Meats

Tussock Sedge Farm

Location: Blooming Glen, PA

Over 400 acres of this 552 acre farm is permanently preserved as open space in the Bucks County Farmland Preservation Program. They use rotational grazing for “exceptionally tasteful beef” and appropriately supplement their cattle diets with haylage and dry hay during the winter months to keep them healthy. Their conservation goals are maximizing forage growth with natural manure and compost, improving grasses and controlling weeds by high density grazing. Support this honorable farm to help them continue their well-minded vision.

Buy Fresh Salmon Online

Wild For Salmon

Location: Bloomsburg, PA

Owned and operated by the Kurian’s of Bloomsburg, PA, Wild for salmon is a local business that makes fresh/frozen wild Alaskan sockeye salmon available to you at a great price. They are the fishermen, and they are local, so they are able to provide you with the highest quality, flash-frozen, Alaskan sockeye available.


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