Whether you are the person who makes a detailed shopping list or someone who goes to the store for milk and walks out with 10 items doesn’t matter. What you bring home does. If your fridge is full of processed foods crammed with dyes and preservatives your are adding toxins to your body. When you look inside your refrigerator or pantry, take a look at the nutrition label. If you can only pronounce some of the ingredients, that means the items added to your food are preservatives or “fillers” that are unnecessary to add to your body or your children’s bodies. To make fresh baked bread you only needs 3 ingredients; flour, water and yeast. How many times have you seen a long list of ingredients on the back of the bread bag? By shopping with small, local businesses you will find they offer healthier products than your local supermarket. When you eat foods filled with preservatives you are defeating yourself even before you eat it.

Why not purchase free range chicken from Locust Point Farms or hormone-free milk from Merrymead Farm? Locavore can help. We can make you the hero of the kitchen and help you feed your family a healthy, locally-sourced meal. Not only can we provide all the healthy and tasty food you desire, but also deliver it, saving you even more time to enjoy your new healthy lifestyle. Put your feet up or spend more time with the children, because you won’t be spending it food shopping.

Shopping local by buying nut butters from Nutty Novelties in Telford or gourmet jams from Small Batch Kitchen in Harleysville helps put money back into your local community. Not only are you able save time and eat great, you are also supporting your very own community. By buying local you are also supporting the local members of your community and helping to grow their businesses.

Now make your fridge happy while eating food that makes you feel good while supporting your community.

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